Renewal Reminder for Orders

For Domain Registration Orders

For other Products/Services

sends consolidated e-mails to its Customers informing them about their Product/Service Orders, that are nearing their Expiry Date.

Customers are sent expiring Order renewal instruction e-mails before the Order(s) actually expire, after expiry and on deletion.

The reminders are sent to the Customer Username (E-mail Address) from 45 days prior to expiry, on the 1st, 11th and 21st day of every month, until the Order is either Renewed or Deleted (due to non-renewal).

This report displays the Order ID, Domain Name, Product Category, Expiry Date, Days to Expiry and Days to Deletion, besides detailed information about how to go about renewing these Orders.


In case your Order has been Suspended by , you will not be able to immediately renew your Order. You need to contact our Support Team at to get this issue resolved.


When an Order Expires,

  • The package is immediately Suspended. This implies that you would be unable to use your package, until it is Renewed.

  • The Customer is sent an e-mail, informing him that he has 15 days to Renew his Order, post which the package is Deleted.

When the Order is Deleted, the Customer is sent a final e-mail informing him/her that the Order is Deleted, since it was not Renewed within 15 days after Expiry.