Moving Domain Names in Bulk

Using 's Bulk Move Services feature, you can Move multiple domain names simultaneously.


Only orders belonging to a single customer can be moved using Bulk Move Services.



Bulk Move Services feature is not supported for domain names under the following TLDs (extensions):


























  1. Log in to your Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, navigate to Manage Orders > Bulk Tools and then click on Bulk Move Services.

  3. Enter a list of Domain Names or Order IDs you want to move. You can mention upto 1000 Domain Names or Order IDs on separate lines.

  4. Enter the Old Customer's ID & username and the New Customer's ID & username.

  5. Click on the Bulk Move Services button to move the domains.

  6. You would be displayed a Bulk Move Services Summary view, alongwith the total number of Orders in the Bulk Move Services Action.


    Invalid Orders or Orders not found under your Account will be segregated from your list. Such Orders can be viewed through the appropriate link(s) displayed on the Bulk Move Services Summary page.

    Invalid Orders include:

    • Orders of TLDs (extensions) for which Move is not supported

    • Inactive Orders

    • Suspended Orders

    • Locked Orders

    • Orders under Redemption Period

Bulk Actions Limit 


At any point of time, you can add upto 2 Bulk Actions. This implies that you would not be able to add another Bulk Transfer / Renewal / Name Servers Modification / Contacts Modification / Move Services / Privacy Protection Action, if 2 Bulk Actions are already running. You will encounter the below error message in case you try to do so:


You already have the maximum allowed number of Bulk Operations running. Please wait for at least one to complete before starting another.

You will be able to add another Bulk Action once one of the earlier actions has been processed completely.